हाम्रो बारेमा

With the first ray of the morning sun of the 19th day of January  and the auspicious year of 2012, dawned the voice of Radio Kailali FM 103.7 MHz and since that very day its frequency modulation entered to millions of house hold in the Far west region of Nepal .

It is impossible to imagine human being as a distinct creature than other creatures in the absence of communication and information. To express and exchange their thoughts, feelings, experiences, information human beings have developed different means of communications like pictures, statue, sound, word, and script and successfully developed the modern means of communication as a result reached to the age of electronic means of communication. Because of the rapid development in the field of communication, the whole universe has converted into a tiny part of a community. Consequently, Radio has been established as an effective means of communication in our society.


We would like to extend our great honor to inform that Radio Kailali FM 103.7 MHz  has been run by Nischal  Media  Pvt. Ltd . It possesses the capacity 500 watt and broadcasting 18 hour on the various programs. Most importantly it gives prime focus on news and other programs based on entertainment and information as well. Kailali FM has established with the team of civil society, professionals and academic personalities. To insure right to information, it well be formed as the milestone which can breeze society with current events. This FM is committed to contribute to the development of nation's mass media. It's programmers are lunching everyday with verities of performances which targets different age group listeners. We offers News and current affairs, educational, environmental, public awareness, entertainment will offer in particular classical, folk and modern music to suit the taste of its various listeners. Our Clients range from large organizations to small and medium sized enterprises, sport and community organizations with the basic objectives to broadcast entertainment, awareness and educational programmers.  Regarding the radio contents, we have special informative and entertaining programs for Children, Teenagers, Youths, Adults and Aging people. Our programs are categorized according to the several sectors like Health, political, education, Agriculture, Business, and Tourism etc. All work is tailored with the specific needs of the client in mind, catering for every business types and budget requirement.


Radio is regarded as the modern source means of knowledge and Science. It is the major source of information, education and entertainment in our country where more than sixty percent people are illiterate. In such a dire situation of illiteracy, Radio Kailali has determined the following objectives to awaken the conscience of the common folk dwelling in this area:

  • To implant the social awareness in the field of information, education and entertainment;
  • To help to bring social and economic change;
  • To arise the voice of women advocacy, children, aged people and deprived group as well as the voice of disabled people;
  • To encourage the rural brilliance;
  • To make every citizen responsible and involve him/her in the field of construction and development;
  • To arise conscience among people in the field of education, health, environment, sustainable development, human rights, nutrition, sanitation as well as community awareness;
  • To identify the modern agricultural technology, animal husbandry and the alternative sources of income;
  • To inform the industrial, commercial, cultural, educational and civic activities of this area;
  • To introduce, protect and flourish the dialects, culture, child literature and folk traditions that are prevalent in this area;
  • To arise the feelings of mutual co-operation, friendship and fraternity among the people of different castes, language, religion and culture;
  • To broadcast the co-operative feelings, skilled national industry and national marketing system.
  • To make people aware of their rights and duties.

Station Information

 Radio Kailail F.M station is located at the Ghodaghodi Municipality  ward no-1 sukhad bazaar which also the mid area of Kailali district. It is situated on the lap of Ghodagodi lake, a wetland of international importance. We would like to intoduce itself as one of the most effective media for the people of Farwestern part of Nepal. we can be heard at 103.7 MHz. Though it's  major coverage is almost all of the districts of Seti and Mahakali. It can also be heard in some part of Mid Western region like Surkhet, Dailekh, kailakot, Bardiya, and border area of India. More than 15 lakh active listeners have been estimated as its true listeners of Kailali  F.M. It gained much fame and popularity due to its well-equipped digital instruments and the broadcast program as per demand of time and society. It has always addressed the very demands of people and has been trying its best to satiate and meet the need of society. We can assure for the quality service in comparison to other existing radio stations in the district. We shall leave no stone unturned to uplift, promote and betterment of our organization.

Programs  and  News Scope

We have well trained presenters capable to design and type of program according to the local needs. We are proud to inform that Radio Kailali airs variety of news program including Kayakairan ,Nepal Darpan , B.B.C Nepali Sewa and Kailali News update. We provide news on current affairs, interviews, and variety of music and phone in programs to our listeners. Social awareness massages, as well as, public service announcements finally give a perfect blend to our station. The commercial radio station Radio Kailali  will begin much popularity through news based and info-entertaining program and it also focus the women, marginalized people issue, peace development, good governance, human right and other burning issues. It has also been successful to win the heart of people through other program. Due to its varieties, it serves different groups of people in the society.

We give extra effort to compose program formats to fit the target listeners our valued sponsors so that the brand associated with the program can communicate with the maximum number of prospects. Based on various forms of feedbacks from our listeners, we have learned that our voice is liked by the people ranging from the urban, suburban and the rural areas. So our prime commercial goal is to help achieve the goal of our sponsors by communicating their message to our listeners in return of their association with us. We are hopeful and actively involved to rich the success and set up as the best FM station in far west region. In order to bring positive change in society .

Radio Kailali would like to join hands with various government organization, NGOs and INGO and so on. it facilitate society through public service announcements and social awareness massages produced by our experienced personnel. We also look forward to your humble support through valuable suggestions, feedback and comments in its extension, promotion and betterment. Please feel free to contact us regarding any queries you may have. Any co operation extended to us is highly appreciated.